Why you shouldn’t pay for Facebook advertising

In this video Veritasium, the science blog on Youtube, explains why you shouldn’t spend a cent on Facebook advertising.

This video shows how even though you get a ‘like’ it can actually harm your Facebook page – not worth it, save your marketing budget and spend on something that produces real results.

SEO unlike Pay Per Click advertising (like Facebook advertising) offers longer lasting results rather than one dubious ‘like’ at a time.

And don’t forget to like this on Facebook – if you’re a real person that is ;)


6 Fast Tips for Local Business SEO

If you’ve got a business website for your business chances are you probably want it to rank better than it does currently. While a local seo expert would be best, here are 6 fast tips to get you up the ranks and get more customers to your website.

Local SEO1. Submit your website in the following top local directories:

2. Set Up a Google+ Local business page for your business – Google loves them (of course) and it spreads your brand further.

Social-Media3. Be on Multiple Social networks – set up your business on the top social media sites, this gives Google (and the other search engines) signals that your are engaged with your customers:

I’m not saying you have to check them all constantly just set them up and have them link to your website. This will show Google your real and can be contacted through many different channels.

customer-reviews4. Get Reviews! Have customers review your business especially on your Google+ Business Page – this helps in leaps and bound for local search engine ranking. Google loves reviews.

5. Optimise your website for local searches – for example if your a plumber in Melrose Park – go for ‘melrose park plumber’ or  ’plumber in adelaide’ or ‘adelaide plumber’ as this is what people are searching for in Google.

6. Make sure your website is com.au (or net.au). The TLD (top level domain) can only be purchased by Australians with an ABN or ACN – Google knows this and will reward your local SEO accordingly.

Follow these 6 steps and you’ll rank better for local search and more importantly make it easy for your customers to find your business! WIN WIN

Improve Your Local SEO With YouTube

Here’s a great infographic with some great tips on how to improve your local SEO efforts with YouTube. YouTube is a great medium to promote your business, it’s free to use and a good quality video advertising your business isn’t very expensive either!


Check out the infographic and see what you think.


Infographic Source: piktochart.com

As you can see some great take home information (even if the font is a little hard to read )